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    Gamma-Oryzanol-a wonder nutraceutical
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    Gamma-Oryzanol-a wonder nutraceutical


Gamma-Oryzanol is a naturally occurring component in rice bran and rice germ which consists of a mixture of ferulic acid esters of sterols and triterpene alcohols. In 1954, Kaneko and Tsuchiya et al. reported that isolated oryzanol demonstrated nutritional effects on animals. There are increasing number of reports indicating the benefits, efficacy and safety of gamma-oryzanol. Gamma-oryzanol has been used as a medicine in Japan since the year 1962. It was initially used in the treatment of mental stress and later in the year 1970 it was approved for the treatment of menopausal symptoms. Subsequently, it was also approved in 1986 for the treatment of high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This natural medicine is sold at premium prices in developed countries such as Japan, USA, UK, etc. The food safety and standards authority of India, government of India has recently recognized it as a nutraceutical by issuing a notification on Dec 26, 2016, listing it as approved nutraceutical (Schedule VI, Part B, S.No. 73).

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