Commerical Application


1. The most advertised application of oryzanol is its body building ability for athletes. Many individuals who are involved in weight training as well as aerobic exercise programs are reportedly using oryzanol as a naturalsteroid alternative to help build lean muscles with improved definition. It is recommended for race horses and dogs too.


2. Oryzanol has found major application in cosmetics due to its favourable action on the sebaceous glands

a. Topical application of a cream containing 1 % oryzanol to human subjects is claimed to increase sebaceous secretion and to show therapeutic effects in dermal xerosis and itchthyosis.

b. Applied to the skin of forearms of humans, an increase in skin lipid content was noticed. On dry skin it stimulates sebum secretion.


c. A cream containg 2 gms of oryzanol and 10 gms of urea per 100 gm of preparation is recommended for dry skin. This preparation has skin moisturizing and sebaceous gland activating action and is useful for senile, xeroderma and atpic dermatitis.

d. Another favourable action of oryzanol is its protective role in UV- light induced lipid peroxidation and hence its utility as sunscreen agents.


e. A skin oil containing 3% oryzanol is considered to have SPF value of 3. Such preparation do not cause skin irritation like the synthetic sunscreen agents. A similar preparation has already been patented.


f. Ferulic acid and its esters stimulate hair growth and prevent skin ageing. Such preperations are claimed to accelerate cell differentiation and to reduce wrinkles in aged women.
Topical preperations useful for treatment of atopic dermatitis, senile xeroderma, ichthyosis vulgaris etc are formulated from oryzanol, isostearoyl- modified collagen hydrolyzate and isopropyl isostearate.

3. A stable emulsion of oryzanol and propylene glycol alginate is used as an antioxidant and preservatives in cosmetics and foods.The same emulsion is also effective in preventing color changes in foods.


4. When added to the heat stable cosmetics which contain behenic acid it adds to the luster. Melanin formation accelerating topical preperations containing ferulic acid and its esters have been patented. They are useful for application to hair and skin and the preparation is claimed to convert grey hair to natural black.


5. Oryzanol is insoluble in water, solubization of oryzanol into medical drinks is achieved by using sucrose fatty acid ester and ethoxylated HCO. The drinks are useful as revitalising tonics.

6. Oryzanol for its hypocholesteromic property is also used in place of Statin a pharmaceutical drug to balance cholesterol.


7. Oryzanol has also been used in the drugs offering cure for menopausal disorders. It is shown to be effective in the treatment of menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes

8. Oryzanol is also the starting material for the preparation of ferulic acid which is further on used as a raw material for medicines, agricultural chemicals, cosmetics, pigments and food additives etc.