15. A Natural Steroid, testosterone Booster, helps in building lean muscles

An unpublished study by Bucci, L., Stiles, J., Sparks, W., and DeLuca,D.,1987, compared anabolic steroid users to those athletes supplemented with gamma oryzanol. Initially, the anabolic steroid users showed greater gains in girth measurements, but by 16 weeks, the gamma oryzanol users exhibited greater girth measurement increases that all steroid users, without ANY side effects! And the dose for gamma oryzanol is low.

The antioxidant property of Oryzanol is believed to be responsible for this favourable effect. Very preliminary evidence suggests that γ- oryzanol may increase endorphin release (a feel good hormone) and aid muscle development.

These findings have created an interest in using γ-oryzanol as a sports supplement, companies in U.S are selling Oryzanol based Health Supplements for Body building.

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