Oryzanol has been found to have many skin related benefits. The use of Oryzanol in sunscreen products, hair conditioners and moisturizing creams is on the increase in the United States

a. A study in Chiang Mai University,Thailand has found Oryzanol as a potential cosmetic raw- material. According to the study oryzanol helps in skin whitening, skin hydration and is anti ageing. Oryzanol may help to maintain skin function by improvement of skin microcirculation, protection against lipid peroxidation and direct stimulation of sebaceous gland function

- Source:- Journal of Pharmaceutical Biology, Thailand 2012 Feb;50(2):208-24

b.A Study by Natural Product Research and Development Center , Chiang Mai University Thailand has again confirmed skin hydration effect of oryzanol.

- Source:- Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology ,Thailand Mar;11(3):2269-77

c. Oryzanol due to its antioxidant property is an effective Sunscreen and thus protects the skin from U-V Rays.