1. Helps in Lowering cholesterol

a.) A scientific study conducted by Tufts University, Boston and University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA has revealed that oryzanol significantly helps in lowering down bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol at the same time.

- Source:- Lipids, Vol. 32, no. 3, (1997) 303-309, USA

b.) Human clinical studies conducted in the University of Lowell found that Rice Bran oil has significantly better cholesterol lowering properties than popular Olive Oil. Scientists have attributed this to presence of Oryzanol in the oil.

Source:- Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. (Journal of American Heart Association)1994;14:549-556, Artherosclerosis, volume 88, Issues 2-3, June 1991, pages 133-142

c.) A Scientific Study conducted by scientists of Tufts university and University of Lowell on cholesterol lowering properties of Physically Refined Rice Bran oil relative to COCO and CANOLA, found out Physically refined Rice Bran Oil (Richest source of Oryzanol) to be the best among the three in cholesterol lowering. It also reduced Early atherosclerosis (fatty streak formation) significantly.

- Source:- Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry , USA16 (2005) 521-529)

d.) In a study conducted by National Institute of Nutrition, Indian Council of Medical Research, Rice bran oil showed greater reduction in bad cholesterols in comparison to Groundnut oil which has similar fatty acid profile. Scientists has attributed this to Oryzanol.

- Source-Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Vol. 10, No.4- (1991)

e.) In a Human Clinical study by Division of Nutrition AIIMS, India RBO (containing Oryzanol) was found to have significantly reduced bad cholesterol in comparison to Sunflower oil a PUFA rich oil. Other PUFA rich oils are Safflower, Soyabean and Corn.

- Source:- National Medical Journal of India 2005, 18: 292- 6

f.) A human clinical study was conducted by scientists of National Institute of Nutrition, Indian Council of Medical Research to prove hypolipidemic effect of RBO. They studied this on 12 hyperlipidemic patients, Subjects were told to replace their usual oil (any oil used previously) with Rice Bran oil. A significant ecrease in bad cholesterol was noticed after period of 15 days in all 12.

- Source:- National Medical Journal of India 2005, 18: 292- 6

g.) National Institute of Nutrition (The Apex body of Nutrition in India) in its Dietary guidelines for year 2011 has mentioned that Oryzanol found in Rice Bran Oil is helpful in reducing cholesterol and oxidative damage due to ageing, inflammation which occur in chronic diseases.

Source:- Dietary Guidelines for Indians – A Manual by National Institute of Nutrition, 2011 page no. 61