Main source of Oryzanol

What is Rice Bran Oil


Rice Bran Oil is ontained from the Brown layer of Rice, removed during the Rice Milling Process as a by-product. This aleurone layer of Brown Rice contains around 15-20 % of  oil.This oil internationally is recognised as a health oil and in Japan called Heart Oil. India is world’s largest producer of this  healthy Rice Bran Oil “Ricela Health Foods Limited” being the World Leader”and its brand Ricela is the richest source of Oryzanol among the brands available in India.Rice bran oil offers several unique properties that make it very interesting as a specialty oil in niche markets.This oil is the only cooking medium which has an ideal SFA/MUFA/PUFA and Essential Fatty Acid ratio which is closer to the recommended levels of WHO.A number of scientific studies have confirmed that using Rice Bran Oil as a cooking medium could significantly reduce the bad cholesterol without adversely affecting the good cholesterol due to presence of a unique component in this oil known as “Oryzanol” which is not found in any other vegetable oil.