Main source of Oryzanol - Physical Vs. Chemical Process – The chart


Physical Vs. Chemical Process Chart


Physical Refining/

Steam Refining

Chemical Refining/

Caustic Refining

  • Degumming( Removing of Phosphotides) through Enzymes
  • Degumming with the help phosphoric Acid
  • Bleaching (Color removal through Activated Bleaching Earth)
  • Neutralisation (Caustic Based for removal of Free Fatty Acids)
  • Dewaxing(Filter Pressing)
  • Bleaching
  • Steam Deacidification (Removal of Free Fatty Acid)
  • Dewaxing
  • Winterisation
  • Deodourisation
  • Bleaching


  • Deodourisation



Why only physically refined RBO?

The oil is physical refinined as to preserve the nutrients which would otherwise be lost due to the use of harsh chemicals like caustic. Following are the drawbacks of chemically refined RBO

Drawbacks of Chemical Refining Process

High Polltion
» Uneconomical for refining high FFA oils such as RBO
»Use of harsh chemicals like Phosphoric Acid for Degumming and Caustic Acid for Deacidification results in Loss of Nutrients such as “Oryzanol”


That’s why Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil contains 5-6 Times more Oryzanol in it than the Chemically( Caustic) refined Oil.

·         How to check whether RBO is Physically Refined or Chemically


Physically Refined RBO is generally Golden( dark yellow) in Color as it has been refined through steam Distillation process which preserves all the essential nutrients of this healthy oil, whereas

Chemically Refined RBO is generally lighter in Color (stripped off from nutrients due to use of Harmful chemicals).

Also only Refiners using physical refining Technique can mention on their packaging packs, that the oil is Physically Refined.