Gamma Oryzanol

Studies Conducted On

Anti-oxidant properties of Gamma-Oryzanol

Year Of Study: 2010

Title Of The Study: Gamma-Oryzanol Rich Fraction Regulates The Expression Of Antioxidant And Oxidative Stress-Related Genes In Stressed Rat’s Liver / Maznah Ismail, Ghanya Al-Naqeeb, Wan Abd Aziz Bin Mamat, Zalinah Ahmad, /Nutrition & Metabolism

From the findings of this study, it was concluded that Gamma-oryzanol rich fraction showed potential antioxidant activity greater than OR in the regulation of antioxidants and oxidative stress gene markers.


Year Of Study: 2005

Title Of The Study: Antioxidant Activity Of Gamma-Oryzanol: Mechanism Of Action And Its Effect On Oxidative Stability Of Pharmaceutical Oils / Claudia Juliano Massimo Cossu Maria Cristina Alamanni Luisella Piu / International Journal Of Pharmaceutics

The results of this study demonstrate that gamma-oryzanol is an organic radical scavenger able to prevent AMVN- triggered lipoperoxidation.


Year Of Study: 2003

Title Of The Study: Potential Functionality And Digestibility Of Oryzanol As Determined Using In Vitro Cell Culture Models / Chih-Chun Jean Huang / LSU Doctoral Dissertations

The results of this study showed that, in some situations, γ-oryzanol could present a more effective antioxidant activity than α-tocopherol, in terms of reducing tert-butyl hydroperoxide promoted oxidative damage on cellular mitochondrial activity.


Year Of Study: 2001

Title Of The Study: Antioxidant Activity Of Tocopherols, Tocotrienols, And Gamma-Oryzanol Components From Rice Bran Against Cholesterol Oxidation Accelerated By 2,2′-Azobis(2- Methylpropionamidine) Dihydrochloride / Z Xu, N Hua, J S Godber /Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry

The results of this study demonstrated that Gamma Oryzanol components had higher antioxidant activity than that any of the four vitamin E components.


Year Of Study: 2001

Title Of The Study: Antioxidant Activities Of Major Components Of Γ-Oryzanol From Rice Bran Using A Linoleic Acid Model /Zhimin Xu And J. Samuel Godber / Journal Of The American Oil Chemists’ Society

In this study, major components of Gamma Oryzanol demonstrated significant antioxidant activity.


Year Of Study: 1991

Title Of The Study: Preventive Effect Of Antioxidants On Lipid Peroxidation In The Retina / T Hiramitsu, D Armstrong / Ophthalmic Research

This study indicated that Gamma Oryzanol was more than four times as effective at stopping tissue oxidation as vitamin E.