Gamma Oryzanol

A Wonder Neutraceutical


Gamma-Oryzanol is a naturally occurring component in rice bran and rice germ which consists of a mixture of ferulic acid esters of sterols and triterpene alcohols.

In 1954, Kaneko and Tsuchiya et al. reported that isolated oryzanol demonstrated nutritional effects on animals. Afterwards, it was widely accepted round the world as a natural dietary supplement, health supplement, muscle builder, sports supplement, medicine to treat various diseases etc. There are increasing number of reports indicating the benefits, efficacy and safety of gamma-oryzanol. Gamma-oryzanol has been used as a medicine in Japan since the year 1962. It was initially used in the treatment of mental stress and later in the year 1970 it was approved for the treatment of menopausal symptoms. 

Several countries like Japan, USA, UK, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Thailand etc. are marketing gamma oryzanol as a food supplement, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical for bodybuilding, strengthening muscles, sports supplement, antioxidant, etc. and also as a medicine to treat elevated cholesterol and triglycerides levels, to treat anxiety and to relieve menopausal symptoms to name a few. Home Page India

FSSAI has classified Gamma Oryzanol in the list of approved nutraceutical in the year 2016 vide Notification NO. D. L.-33004/99 dated December 26, 2016, under Schedule VI, Part B, S.No.73.

Oryzanol reduces high blood cholesterol: FSSAI, Govt. of India has recognised gamma oryzanol as a natural antioxidant and also permitted to claim that oryzanol reduces high blood cholesterol. (vide notification no. D.L.-33004/99 dated: 9TH October 2020) Home Page US

In United States of America, Gamma-oryzanol is approved as a “Hypolipidemic Agent” to treat Hyperlipidemia (elevated cholesterol levels). It is also approved as an anti-ulcer agent to treat Peptic Ulcer or irritation of the gastrointestinal tract by NIH, US Department of Health. (Ref. MESH DATABASE)
( caon) Home Page Australia

Department of Health (Therapeutic Goods Administration), the Australian Government has also approved it as an active ingredient in biologicals and equivalent ingredient in listed medicines. ( &ingrediend=67147&dcid=75C057114B0C7336CA2577DD0000E911). Home Page canada

Canadian Government has also approved it as a Natural Health Product. ( Home Page japan

‘Gamma Oryzanol’ has been approved in Japan as a drug for the treatment of anxiety since 1962 and hyperlipidemia since 1986. (REF. KEGG DATABASE).

Human Clinical Trials On Multiple Health Benefits
Of Gamma Oryzanol & Its Formulations