Gamma Oryzanol

Studies Conducted On

sleep promoting effects of Gamma-Oryzanol

Year Of Study: 2017

Title Of The Study: Sleep-Promoting Effects And Possible Mechanisms Of Action Associated With A Standardized Rice Bran Supplement / Hyejin Yang, Minseok Yoon, Min Young Um, Jaekwang Lee, Jonghoon Jung, Changho Lee, Yun-Tai Kim, Sangoh Kwon, Boknam Kim And Suengmok Cho / Nutrients MDPI

Findings of this study suggest that Rice Bran Supplement containing Gamma Oryzanol may be a promising natural aid for relieving sleep problems. Based upon the results of this study it was concluded that various components of Gamma Oryzanol present in rice bran may have potent hypnotic activity.


Year Of Study: 2012

Title Of The Study: Ferulic Acid Potentiates Pentobarbital-Induced Sleep Via The Serotonergic System /Yue Tu, Shi-Xiang Cheng, Hong-Tao Sun, Tie-Zhu Ma, Sai Zhang / Neuroscience Letters

The results of this study suggest that Ferulic Acid, a component of Gamma Oryzanol has sedative-hypnotic activity by the serotonergic system.