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Title Of The Study: y-Oryzanol and skin microcirculation function

The authors considered that y-oryzanol had the actions to promote the skin micro circulations, by the following observations. 1) Increases of the capillary resistance, 2) decreases of the capillary permeability, 3) rises of the skin temperature and 4) increases of the skin blood volumes.

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Title Of The Study: Examination of the usefulness and moisturizing properties of Collage Delm for patients with dry skin diseases

Collage Delm is a systemic moisturizing cream containing water-soluble collagen, squalane, steary1 gerityI retinate, and y-oryzanol as its main constituents. The efficacy and safety of Collage Delm were examined by a use test in 20 patients with dry skin disease. As a result, improvement was seen in 90.0% of cases, and the results were almost the same as those of the control urea ointment. In the stratum corneum water content measurement test, collage delm showed significantly higher water content after 30 minutes and 2 hours than with urea Ointment.Collage delm is considered to be useful for mild to moderate dry skin diseases with dryness as the chief complaint.

Title Of The Study: Examination of clinical effect of y-oryzanol combination Ointment

After investigating the sebum secretion promoting action, safety and clinical effect of y-oryzanol ointment, the following conclusions were obtained.(1) The following results were obtained by externally applying 0.1%, 1%, and 2% Y-oryzanol ointment and base to the forearm skin by a double-blind method and measuring the amount of normal sebum. No increase in sebum was observed at low concentrations, and a significant increase was observed at 1% or higher, but no significant difference was observed between 2% and 1%.(2) As a result of a patch test with 65 patients in the normal group and 37 patients in the patient group, it was confirmed that 1% y-oryzanol ointment (y) was less irritating to the skin, did not change due to the influence of light, and was highly safe locally on the skin. bottom.(3) When a clinical study was conducted in accordance with the double-blind method using the base as a control, a slow clinical effect was observed for diseases in which sebum secretion may be decreased, especially senile xeroderma. The incidence of side effects was low and the symptoms were minor.

Title Of The Study: Examination of clinical effect of 1% y-oryzanol combination ointment

A total of 87 clinical trials of senile xerosis, ichthyosis vulgaris and similar syndromes were conducted to investigate the usefulness of 1% y-oryzanol ointment. The results are useful in all target diseases. It was found to be highly sexual. That is, senile xerosis, various scabs, pore lichen and dryness associated with atopic dermatitis 100%, ichthyosis vulgaris 88.5%, various xerosis. It was highly useful in87.5% and 86.7% in advanced palmar keratosis. The incidence of side effects was low and the symptoms were minor.

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Title Of The Study: Clinical trial results of FC-9201 cream containing 1% Y-oryzanol

Usefulness of FC-9201 cream containing 1% y-oryzanol for dry skin Skin with dry skin such as sebum-reducing eczema, senile xerosis, pediatric dry eczema, and dry skin after inflammation A left-right comparison test with a dry skin improving drug(vitamin A, D, E combination cream) already on the market was conducted and examined for patients with diseases. As a result of the 4-week use test, FC-9201cream significantly increased the amount of skin surface lipids as compared with ADE cream, and especially in the group aged 40 years or older, the amount of skin surface lipids was significantly increased. Both FC-9201 cream and ADE cream increased the amount of keratinous water. Both FC-9201 cream and ADE cream had a good feeling of use and were useful for skin diseases whose main symptom was dry skin. FC-9201 cream showed superior usefulness compared to ADE cream for dry symptoms after inflammation of the face and lower limbs and senile xeroderma.

Title Of The Study: Y -Oryzanol Effect of topical use on sebaceous glands

y -Oryzanol is known to have metabolic function-activating and activating effects such as growth promotion and gonad stimulation by systemic administration. It is similar to vitamin E in terms of local action. Kamimura et al. Have reported that it affects the microcirculatory function of the skin and directly raises the skin temperature. We experienced the tendency to induce acne using y -oryzanol cream for the treatment of pimples, and inferred that y-oryzanol) has the effect of activating the sebaceous glands, and the local sebum secretion amount of y -oryzanol. A double-blind test was performed with 1% y -oryzanol cream as a control for placebo with only the base. It was applied to the forearm of a normal person for I month, and the sebum of the skin was collected by the cup method, the total lipid was quantified by the chromium acid oxidation method, and the amount of lipid peroxide was measured by the TBA method. As a result, a significant increase in the total lipid content of sebum was observed. In addition, there was no difference in the amount of lipid peroxide and the ratio of the amount of lipid peroxide to the total amount of lipid.