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Gamma Oryzanol & formulations with Gamma Oryzanol as the active ingredient on immunity

Title Of The Study: Effects of oral administration of oxytetracycline and immune stimulants on the number and composition of flounder intestinal bacteria

We investigated the effects of administration of oxytetracycline hydrochloride (OTC)and immune stimulants on the number and composition of gut microbiota. OTC administration had a minor effect on the number and composition of gut bacteria. The emergence of the same resistant bacterium was induced. The administration of lacto ferrin (LF), fucoidan (Fu), and y-oryzanol (y-OR) did not detect the bacterium in the intestinal Streptococcus Sp. (Behavior unknown), decreased proportion of Enter o bacteriaceae, and increased proportion of Vibrio sp. In the V.anguillarum infection experiment, LF administration resulted in decreased proportion of Enter bacteriaceae, decreased proportion of V. anguillarum in Vibrio sp. It led toan extension of time and a decrease in the number of bacteria in the liver and spleen of dying fish. The above results are food and environmental safety. Suggests that the use of immune stimulants such as y-OR is good.

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